– Mobile User Equipment / Mobile handset (Mobile phone) 

– Server 

– Smart watch 

– Smart camera 

– PoS Machine (Point of Sale Devices) 

*** 2023年1月1日 から強制化予定の製品  (見込み情報の追記@2022年1月12日)***

1  Server

2  Hypervisor

3  Infiniband Switch

4  5G RAN

5  5G Core unit


7  5G User equipment

8  Broadcasting equipment – Hybrid Set Top box

*** 2022年1月1日 時点で公布済みの製品 ***

# Scheme Product
1 SCS 2-Line Feature Phone
2 SCS Audio Conferencing Facility Device
3 SCS CLIP Phone
4 SCS Coin Box Telephone
5 SCS Conferencing Equipment
6 SCS Electronic Telephone Instrument
7 SCS Executive Telephone System
8 SCS G3 FAX Machine
10 SCS Key Telephone Systems
11 SCS Modem
12 SCS Multi Line Telephone System
13 SCS NSD / ISD Payphone
14 SCS Terminals for connecting to PSTN
15 GCS Base Station Controller (BSC)/Radio Network controller (RNC)
16 GCS Base station for cellular network
17 GCS Cell Broadcast Centre (CBC)
18 GCS Compact Cellular Network
19 GCS Cordless Phone
20 GCS Digital cross Connect
21 GCS Digital Subscriber Line Equipment
22 GCS End point devices for Environmental Monitoring
23 GCS Equipment Identity Register (EIR)
24 GCS Equipment Operating in 2.4GHz and 5GHz Band
25 GCS Feedback Devices
26 GCS Gateway Mobile Location Centre (GMLC)
27 GCS HF Radio
28 GCS Home Location Register (HLR) / Home Subscriber Server (HSS)/Authentication Centre (Auc)
29 GCS InfiniBand Switch
30 GCS IoT Gateway
31 GCS IP Multimedia Conferencing Equipment
32 GCS IP Security Equipment
33 GCS IP Terminal
34 GCS LAN Switch
35 GCS Media Gateway
36 GCS Mobile BTS
37 GCS Mobile Handsets and Dongles
38 GCS Mobile Radio Trucking System Equipment
39 GCS Mobile Switching Centre (MSC)/MSC-Server (MSCS)/Gateway MSC (GMSC)/Gateway MSC-Server (GMSC S) [including Visitor Location Register (VLR) MSC/ MSC Server
40 GCS Mobility Management Entity
41 GCS Multiplexing Equipment
42 GCS Operation Maintenance Center (OMC) / Element Management System (EMS)/Network Management System (NMS), Operation Support Systems (OSS)
43 GCS Optical Fibers (Single Mode)
44 GCS Optical Fiber Cable
45 GCS OTA Platform and Device Manager Platform/FOTA
47 GCS Point of Sale Devices
48 GCS PON family of Broadband Equipment (PON ONT, PON ONU and PON OLT)
49 GCS Precision Timing Protocol Grand Master Equipment
50 GCS PTP Grandmaster Equipment
51 GCS PTP PMP Microwave Fixed Radio Systems
52 GCS Radio Broadcast Receivers
53 GCS Repeater for Cellular Network
54 GCS Router
55 GCS Satellite Communication Equipment
56 GCS SDH Equipment
57 GCS Service Control Point (SCP)
58 GCS Serving Gateway (S-GW) / Packet Gateway (P-GW)
59 GCS Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN)/ Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN)
60 GCS Serving Mobile Location Centre (SMLC)
61 GCS Session Border Controller
62 GCS Short Message Service Center (SMSC)
63 GCS Signaling Gateway
64 GCS Smart Electricity meter
65 GCS Smart Watch
66 GCS Smart/CCTV Camera
67 GCS Soft-switch
68 GCS Subscriber Identity Module (SIM)
69 GCS Telephony Application Server C
70 GCS Telephony Media Server C
71 GCS Tracking Devices
72 GCS Transmission Terminal Equipment (DWDM, DXC)
73 GCS VHF/UHF Radio System Equipment

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